Here are just a few of the sites recently designed by our team here at k2concepts.  Take a moment to browse these sites and see some of the robust features incorporated to improve functionality.  Please Contact Us to discuss what you’d like to see on your site.


Omaha drone video and photos from DroneChatr.com


DroneChatr.com – This site is running WordPress.  The blog feature of WordPress is heavily used on this site.  Blog posts are automatically tied to social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).  When new posts are added, all social media channels are automatically updated, along with the email list.



Omaha For Sale By Owner - FSBOinOmaha.com


FSBOinOmaha.com – This site is running WordPress.  Sellers add their own listings.  Home photos are automatically resized by the site upon upload.  Numerous databases support the site.  When new listings are added, social media accounts are automatically updated and an email is sent to those on the new listing notification email list.






Priority1Fitness.com – This site is running WordPress.  A shopping cart has been incorporated, which can be edited from within WordPress.




Branson Condo at Pointe Royale - BransonCondo.org


BransonCondo.org – This site is running WordPress.  There are many photo rotators used on this site to show various features of the property.